Top 3 podcast interviews from the HTBARP sessions

HTBARP Podcast update! (How to be a Rockstar Photographer)

Top 3 podcast episodes (in the next 3 weeks) which got thousands of listens.

Today: HTBARP 10 Javier Bragado: Being A Professional Heavy Metal Photographer

Matthias Hombauer met Javier the first time in Buenos Aires when we did our concert photography exhibition together with Matias Altbach and Dana Distortion. Since then I become a fan of Javier’s work and personally speaking he is one of the best out there.

We will talk about how he used myspace to get started as a music photographer, what struggles he had to face in the beginning, how it feels to be on stage with Alter Bridge, his view on the music business and what approaches he is using to stand out in the crowded concert photography world.

Listen to Javiers Podcast interview here

Enjoy listening and learn from the best!

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