Track usage traffic SonicWall - appflow monitor VPN Session Connections and More

03/26/2020 330 15904


The App Flow Monitor provides administrators with real-time, incoming and outgoing network data. Various views and customizable options in the App Flow Monitor Interface assist in visualizing the real-time traffic data pertaining to Applications, Users, URLs, Initiators, Responders, Threats, VoIP, VPN, Devices and Content.


App Flow Monitor | Status:

The App Flow Monitor Status dialog appears when the cursor rolls over the Status button in the toolbar. The App Flow Monitor Status provides updates about the App Signatures, GAV Database, Spyware Database, IPS Database, and Country Database. The dialog also informs administrators about the Content Filtering Service (CFS) status and Max Flows in the Database. The option to enable or disable the flow collection is available in the Status dialog. If the Status dialog is no longer wanted, click close in the upper-right corner.


You may need an active license for CGSS or AGSS