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Transfer Hotspot

As requested by the Community via HIP13, the Transfer Hotspot feature is available for Hotspot owners of the Network to transfer their Hotspots to another owner.

This feature enables Hotspot owners to transfer ownership of a Hotspot to another user. Once transferred, the new owner will receive all future Hotspot mining rewards.

Only the Hotspot owner can initiate a transfer.
This feature is only available on app version 2.8.0 or newer. Both parties must have 2.8.0 or newer for Transfer Hotspots to succeed. 

Parties do not need to be physically next to the Hotspot for transfer to succeed.

This feature requires both users to have a valid Helium wallet account and the buyer must have enough balance in their wallet account to pay for the transaction fee which is typically 55,000 DC.
The Hotspot must be fully synced with the location asserted, and have recent network activity for the transaction to succeed.

Recent Activity is described as witness, beacon, or challenger activity in the past 1200 blocks. This is to ensure the Hotspot is fully functional for the protection of the buyer.

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