New Feature:** **Inbound Shield - On-Click Link Scanning and More! 03/03/2021

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The Trustifi RnD team is continuously releasing new features and we have chosen three new features to update you on that we think will make your life easier and your organization safer. These features are already live, see below to understand how to enable and use each of them.

1) New Feature: Inbound Shield - On-Click Link Scanning

What is it?: Also known as “URL re-writing”. When this feature is enabled, all scanned links will be “wrapped” in a safe to click Trustifi URL, and the link will be scanned in real time whenever it is clicked.

What is the benefit?: This is mainly useful for dealing with links that were initially directed to a safe page, but after some time have been changed and armed by attackers with a malicious payload. Admins can also blacklist specific URLs to prevent users from clicking them.

How do I use it?: Click Here to watch

How to enable it:

2) New Feature: Outbound Shield - Allow Admins to Create Their Own Sensitivity Types

What is it?: Trustifi has always provided many sensitivity classification types. To enhance security, we now give admins the ability to create their own additional custom sensitivity types by creating a regex (regular expression) pattern and choosing a score for the type. You can find this under the “sensitivity types” window in the DLP rules section.

What is the benefit?: Tailor-made solution for enhancing accuracy to trigger encryption (or other actions) for your specific use case. When content that matches the custom pattern is detected, it will trigger the rule.

How do I use it?: Click Here to watch

How to enable it?:

3) New Feature: New Outbound Policy Addition – block emails with Inappropriate content (such as nudity, violence and drug use)

What is it?: Admins can turn the function on from the Policy page and emails containing this kind of content will be blocked automatically.

What is the benefit?: This is a unique feature to help maintain your reputation and productivity.

How do I use it?: Click Here to watch

How to enable it?:


The Trustifi Team

Click here for a video presentation of how it works

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