Twitter Seems to hide personalization menu

The following URL seems to bread crumb it back to Privacy and Saftey but when you click the link, there appears not to be a way to get to the following option page. Which is concerning as they are presenting this option now when you login to your twitter account but if you do not click the link to get to this page, good luck in finding it by way of the menu navigation / so here is the link:

Login to your twitter account, and browse to the above URL to disable the following

Personalize ads
If selected, you will see interest-based ads on and off Twitter. Learn more

Personalize based on your apps
If selected, Twitter will view and store the apps on your devices to help show you more relevant content. Twitter won’t see any data from within the apps. Learn more

Personalize across all your devices
If you disable this setting, Twitter will forget that you’ve used other devices. Learn more

Personalize based on the places you’ve been
Twitter always uses some information, like where you signed up and your current location, to help show you more relevant content. This setting lets Twitter personalize based on other places you’ve been.


Track where you see Twitter content across the web
Twitter uses this data to personalize your experience. This web browsing history will never be stored with your name, email, or phone number. Learn more

Share your data with Twitter’s business partners
This setting lets Twitter share non-public data, such as content you’ve seen and your interests, with certain business partners for uses like ads and brand marketing. Learn more