UniFi AP - Hand off Automatic with same SSID

Our client purchased the UniFi AP Pro AP’s two of them and configured using the configuration controller software, Required to push out a configuration for both AP’s - these are both wired back to the switch. By default, the wireless endpoint will hand off from AP 1 to AP2 correct? No need for fully transparent using a Radius but just hand off when AP 2 offers a stronger signal. No extra options they need to click to make that happen correct?

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**UniFi AP Pro using your config software - handoff from AP 1 to AP 2 - possible out of the box policy pretty much or anything special needed?

No need for transparent such as using a Radius Server, it is a home user, the stronger signal on AP2 will hand off from AP1 when roaming around the house would be an example.

If the same SSID is configured on both the APs then by default roaming is enabled on the APs no need for Radius configuration

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We may suggest you enable fast roaming on the SSID ( settings > wireless networks > edit SSID > advanced > fast roaming ),

This is an advanced feature which would help the clients roam in between the APs. But it is still under beta and under development and observation.


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