Update 3 Beta Now with Improved “Always Awake” PWA

Update 3 Beta Now with Improved “Always Awake” PWA

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Posted on February 16th, 2022 by Nick Galea, CEO, CTO & Founder, 3CX

Version 18 Update 3 Beta is now available for download via the management console. It brings PUSH support to the recently launched Web App (PWA) and introduces the Desktop application for macOS.

Shows incoming call even with webclient closed

Web Client - Incoming Call

Newly added PUSH notification support for the Web Client and PWA, wakes up the browser when a call or chat message is received. No need for apps to be running, notifications will activate the WebClient App or PWA, even if it is closed.

Choose between Desktop & Native-like app

Users can choose between the Desktop App (available for Windows or Mac) or the native-like Web App (PWA). Either way, installation is simple. Just click on the icon below the avatar to choose your pick.

Browser extension depreciation

Following this Beta update, the old browser extension for Chrome and Edge will officially be deprecated for V18 users (V16 users will not be affected). Users should choose between the Desktop application or Web Client/PWA. This is easy using the pop-up notification when logging into the Web Client for the first time following the update.

The new Click2Call browser extension can be downloaded for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Check out this blog to ensure 1 click dialing is set up.

New macOS desktop application

MacOS - Desktop Application

Users running macOS can benefit from a fully supported native client incorporating functionality such as customizable BLF’s, hotkeys, a separate dialer, focus, and auto-answer.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Hosted by 3CX allows IP-Based providers
  • Dark Theme available on Windows and macOS Desktop App, Web Client, and PWA.
  • Desktop app:
    • ‘Focus’ allows incoming calls to steal focus from 3rd party applications
    • External 3rd party programs can be launched on incoming call ringing or connection.
    • Added auto-answer on incoming call.
  • Yealink UH38 headsets added to supported hardware

Prerequisites & known issues

  • PWA and Push Notifications will only work for installations that have a fully qualified domain and a valid SSL certificate. If you host 3CX in the cloud using a 3CX certificate, this is automatic. If you have an on-premise installation you must have configured Split DNS with a valid 3CX certificate or custom certificate.
  • With the update from v18 U2 to v18 U3, the Web Client and Web App (PWA) will require a refresh to enable PUSH notifications. Until this is completed, users running either application will not be able to receive calls.
  • Push notifications in Edge Chromium only work with its Beta version. This is still to be addressed in the stable Edge Chromium version.

How to get V18 Update 3 Beta

Try out V18 Update 3 Beta for Linux 3CX V18 on Debian 10 ISO. Current version 18 users can upgrade to the Beta release from the Management Console.

Alternatively, you can create a new, hosted trial account.

View the changelog to find out more about this version and join us in the 3CX Community Forum to tell us what you think!

By Nick Galea|February 16th, 2022|49 Comments

Version 18 Update 3 Beta is now available to download.

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