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QUOTE: “ Important : The Lowest rating is appropriate if all or almost all of the MC (main content) on the page is copied with little or no time, effort, expertise, manual curation, or added value for users. Such pages should be rated Lowest , even if the page assigns credit for the content to another source.”Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines July 2018

TLDR: ‘Duplicate content ‘ **is NOT mentioned ** once **** in the recently published Search Quality Raters Guidelines . ‘Copied content’, is .

Semantics aside, duplicate content is evidently treated differently by Google than copied content, with the difference being the INTENT and nature of the duplicated text.

Duplicated content is often not manipulative and is commonplace on many websites and often free from malicious intent. Copied content can often be penalised algorithmically or manually. Duplicate content is not penalised, but this is often not an optimal set-up for pages, either. Be VERY careful ‘spinning’ ‘copied’ text to make it unique!

Google clearly says that the practice of making your text more ‘unique’, using low-quality techniques like adding synonyms and related words is:

QUOTE : “probably more counter productive than actually helping your website” John Mueller, Google

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If you are doing SEO yourself, read on, as I attempt to break down a common SEO misunderstanding.


Quote: "This is an awesome summary of duplicate content & web-search." John Mueller, Google Trends Analyst

Table of Contents

  1. Google Q&A on Duplicate Content
  2. Duplicate Content SEO Best Practice
  3. What Is Duplicate Content?
  4. What is Boilerplate Content?
  5. Should I Rewrite Product Descriptions To Make The Text Unique?
  6. How Does Google Rate ‘Copied’ Main Content?
  7. Is There A Penalty For Duplicate Content On A Website?
  8. Can You Duplicate Your Own Content Within Your Own Site?
  9. How Does Googe Rate Content ‘Deliberately Duplicated Across Domains‘?
  10. How Does Google Work Out The Primary Version Of Duplicate Content?
  11. How To Manage Content Spread Across Multiple Domains
  12. How To Deal With Content Spread Across Multiple TLDs?
  13. How To Manage Duplicate Content When Reporting News Stories
  14. What is ‘Near-Duplicate’ Content, to Google?
  15. Can Duplicate Content Rank in Google?
  16. Should I Block Google From Indexing My Duplicate Content?
  17. Is A Mobile Site Counted As Duplicate Content?
  18. How To Use Canonical Link Elements Properly
  19. Understand If Your CMS Produces Thin Content or Duplicate Pages
  20. Will Google Penalise You For Syndicated Content?
  21. Does Google Penalise ‘Thin’ Content On A Website?
  22. How To Deal With Pagination Problems On Your Website
  23. How To Use Rel=Next & Rel=Previous Markup, Properly
  24. TIP: “noindex, nofollow” “is essentially kind of the same as a” “noindex, nofollow” John Mueller
  25. Should You Block Google from Crawling Internal Search Result Pages?
  26. Are Uppercase and Lowercase URLs Counted as TWO different pages to Google?
  27. Do Trailing Slashes Cause Duplicate Content Challenges on a Website?
  28. Redirect Non-WWW To WWW (or Vice Versa)
  29. Does The Google Panda Algorithm Penalise Duplicate Content?
  30. How To Check For Duplicate Content On A Website?

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