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Fellow photog - Here is Tammy’s Bio and Blog link above!

My name is Tammy Vega . I am a photographer/videographer + hair stylist who lives for the thrill of a live show. I began taking photos in 2011 and my passion for capturing those raw moments kept me inspired to continue learning and exploring all there is to know in the world of photography and the music industry.

Never thinking this was going to be more than just a hobby, my work began to get recognized and published which also led me to the opportunity to intern and work event production alongside Frank Mastalerz / FM Entertainment at a 20,000 seat stadium in Chicago.

For years, I showed up each day, learned hands-on about the music industry and always did my best. I took risk after risk, jumped into the unknown and worked hard to prove not only to myself but to the world that if you are a good person, work really hard and want something bad enough – it will come to fruition. Nothing worth having ever comes easy and I am constantly reminded of that. I have created and built my dreams from the ground up – from the fan in the front row to the girl behind the scenes and the lens. Against all odds – I never gave up on my dream or myself.

That’s me… with my camera at my side, at a VFW hall in Kenosha, WI in 2012. Right there, headbanging in the front row of a thrash metal show (LAZARUS AD) is where my dreams started brewing. Shows like these, in the middle of nowhere, were what fueled me and the desire to pursue this career.

I created this blog to not only share my journey but to hopefully motivate you to go after that very thing that sets your soul on fire. When my journey began, I had zero connections and zero knowledge of the industry. I didn’t let those things hold me back… I went out there and I found a way.

My insatiable desire for inspiring others to believe in themselves is real and honest.

Join me as I continue to share my story all while helping others believe in themselves along the way. At the end of the day, I believe that the world needs the best version of ourselves, not a diluted one.