Wave Connect: Easily import and export data with Wave's Google Sheets add-on

Wave Connect is Wave’s official add-on for Google Sheets. Use it to quickly upload customers, products, invoices, bank transactions and bulk journal entries to your Wave business. You can also download customer, product and invoice data, and easily create multi-period balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow reports.

What is Wave Connect?

Wave Connect is a Google Sheets add-on that allows you to quickly and conveniently upload and download data with Wave.

You’ll find Wave Connect particularly useful if you’re in the process of moving to Wave from another accounting system, or any time you want to get a lot of information into Wave without typing in each entry manually.

If you invoice customers by referring to data that you already have in a spreadsheet, Wave Connect can save you time by further automating your invoicing process.

Install Wave Connect in Google Sheets

To start using Wave Connect, click the button below to install it from the Google Add-ons Store:

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CharlotteMember Posts: 695 admin

Hey folks! Since this thread has been active recently, I wanted to share my reply from another discussion, which can hopefully add a little bit more context.

As @tylertervooren mentions, the integration has existed for years and was built for a legacy platform. As a result, it works in a very specific way and is prone to issues, especially if the connecting PayPal account has certain attributes, or if the integration is manipulated in certain ways (repeated disconnects, etc.).

Limited troubleshooting is available for PayPal because of the way that it’s built. To try to refresh your connection, navigate to Integrations and click on the edit icon to the right of the to edit that connection. You’ll be able to adjust the date field to import from one day prior to the date you currently have listed. This may prompt a refresh of the connection. Refreshing the connection should not cause issues, but removing and re-adding it will create duplicates in your Chart of Accounts that require some effort to fix, so you’ll want to proceed with caution.

If this doesn’t work, the connection is likely in a broken state. You’ll be able to add your transactions to Wave using a CSV file that you can easily export from PayPal. First, download your history. You’ll notice that the PayPal file contains a lot of extraneous data. You’ll want to reduce the columns until you have Date, Description, Amount as follows:

01/01/2015, Description 1, -250
01/02/2015, Description 2, 550.50
01/02/2015, Description 3, -120.75

You can then upload it to Wave using our bank statement upload or Wave Connect.

As far as I’ve heard (keep in mind that I may not have the full and complete picture) it seems like it would be difficult to fix this issue without first removing the integration entirely, and then rebuilding it. Given the complexity of integrating with financial services, this could take a long time. Part of the conversation is weighing the negative customer impact of having no integration for an unspecified period of time against having an integration that’s prone to issues while we work to improve the experience.

Due to the nature of the integration, fixing issues on a single business basis isn’t always possible. We hear you, we’re listening, and our team is working to better understand these issues, what we can do to improve the experience, and where we’re able to offer workarounds.

Thank you so much for any patience you’re able to extend our way in the meantime.

April 22, 2019 edited April 22, 2019


ConnorM Member, Administrator Posts: 425 admin

Hey @francois12uk! I’m sorry to hear that the PayPal integration has been a pain. The best way to remove all those entries is to delete them, yes. In order to remove the PayPal category from Transactions, you’d need to navigate to Accounting > Chart of Accounts, find that PayPal account, and archive it. There’s an explanation around how to archive an account in a little more detail here: https://support.waveapps.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004972106-Understanding-your-new-improved-chart-of-accounts