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More about a Video Spokesperson

What is a Video Spokesperson otherwise known as a Website Actor? A Video Spokesperson is a person who walks out onto your website capturing the attention of your visitor and delivering your message the exact way you intend for it to be delivered. Most of our clients report an average increase in conversions of around 400% and report that visitors stay on their website around 3 times longer which can significantly reduce your website bounce rate and this can vastly improve your websites search engine placement. It is like employing a virtual sales agent who can reach out from behind the computer and engage your audience.

How long do I have to capture the attention of my website visitor before I lose them?On average, you only have 3-5 seconds to capture the attention of your website visitor before you lose the visitor to one of your competitors. That is why it is important to “wow” your visitor with a website spokesperson before it is to late.


Our transparent video spokesperson player is a HTML5 video player with a flash player as a fallback used for Internet Explorer. Some of the browsers our HTML5 player is compatible with are: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and most Android devices.

We use a thumbnail image of the actor to trigger a full sized video to start playing on iPhone and iPad devices as the transparent background player doesn’t work on these devices. We don’t guarantee that our HTML5 player will work the same on every browser, it’s up to you to check our player with the browsers that you would like the player to work on. Browsers frequently make changes and we don’t guarantee that our player will work on all browsers forever! As of right now, Google Chrome doesn’t allow HTML5 videos to autoplay with sound, so our workaround is to show the video small, muted and with a play video button that


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