WHMCS: Default Payment Gateway Selection

How is the default payment method for new clients defined? We currently have a free trial product which clients order and then after 30 days we upgrade them manually to a paid product but it seems that direct debit is then chosen as their default paymemt method but this is problem since they never left us their bank account details (we have a separate payment gateway for this).

If i change the order of payment gateways for the paid product will this change their default payment method after we upgrade them? Or is their default payment method defined when they order the free product, and again, is this done by the order of payment gateways?


The system default payment method is the first payment gateway in the list when you view your gateways page.

Then, depending on if the client choose a gateway other than the default when placing an order, that client could be using something different than ‘default’, and then there is the ability to set on the product level a specific gateway as well.

The hierarchy is as follows:

  1. Invoice level (if you have the option enabled for clients to choose their own gateway when paying an invoice)
  2. Product level (this can be set per each product the client has by viewing the product details and changing the payment gateway here)
  3. Client level (what is set in the drop down on the clients profile page)
  4. System default (the first gateway in the list of configured gateways)

Further to this, each product group you have setup with orderable products, you can hide specific gateways so only a certain one is used or vise versa.

So if they order the free product, and you have only a specific gateway setup for this, then when they upgrade to the paid version and that free product gateway is not available for the paid one, it will then default to whatever is the default gateway or whatever the client has selected as their gateway in their profile.

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