WHMCS Theme - How to add your plans to your WHMCS Template

Our WHMCS Templates come packed with 10 Wizard Panel sales pages used for displaying your products/services. To enable these pages you will need to set the quick setup setting to off in Wizard Panel.

Wizard Panel - Quick setup must be turned off

Wizard Panel - Quick setup must be turned off

About The Sales Pages

Your template comes with 10 Wizard Panel based sales pages that are used to display and promote your products/services. The 10 default pages are Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, Game Servers, Virtual Private Network, IPTV, Hosting Addons & Web Design. They come with completely exclusive content specific to each page. Between the content and sample plans it is easy for you to modify them for your business. These pages support multiple display options allowing you to tailor each page to suit your products/services. You can also re-name either page to promote any product/service you like for example re-naming Reseller Hosting to Windows Hosting.

Where Can I Access The Pages?

You will find the 10 sales pages within your WHMCS Admin panel under Addons > Wizard Panel. If you don’t see the 10 pages make sure that that quick setup is off.

Plan Display Options

WHMCS Template plan display

Wizard Panel Table plan display

Each page supports up to 10 plans and 4 unique display options which are:

  • table - pricing table design allowing you to easily compare up to 6 diverse products.
  • table2 - data table design which is perfect for listing up to 10 products with only a few varying features.
  • boxes - popular box design which is bold and easy to display up to 10 products effectively.
  • slider - a modern plan display allowing users to slide to compare between plans.

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