Why Flywheels Matter

Curated from a company I am an IT Engineer for (Kudos to the CMO), but makes good sense and lends it self to Manifesting Success in all you do:

Why Fly Wheels Matter

The concept of the flywheel is around causality – around cause and effect – if this happens, what WILL be caused to happen next. In the case of flywheel thinking, if the first thing happens, the second thing surely will happen. For example, if you drop prices, you will sell more – that’s generally true in all micro economics theory. In the case of the winning flywheel, we are saying that we need to find the actions that cause other positive actions to happen, creating a virtuous cycle.

Interestingly this concept also applies to all levels of the company including teams, groups and individuals. Take for example where you learn and understand exactly what your company or your partnership’s offers in terms of services and solutions.

If you get really good at saying those items in your own words, you WILL have more conversations (since you wont shy away). More conversations will lead to more meetings, and more meetings will lead to you hearing about more opportunities.

Opportunities lead to proposals and ultimately to sales. Having made a couple sales, you will learn the products even more and so your flywheel begins to build momentum. This is why flywheel thinking matters.

There is power in finding the actions that kickstart the cycle. So don’t think of flywheels as circular lists, but of interconnected items that create your momentum.

This concept really does help you visualize and enforce the Manifestation of what ever goals, success, or happiness you want to achieve in life.

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