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Bring It All Together With ZeroTier

Use the easiest to manage and most widely supported network virtualization platform to connect all your devices, cloud VMs, and apps as if the whole world is one big cloud region!

ZeroTier virtual networks are like chat rooms for machines. Just create virtual networks, join them from your devices and systems, approve authorization for the things you’ve added, and you’re done! Advanced features like our network rules engine help you manage your networks like a pro, and automatic end-to-end encryption keeps everything private and secure.

Open Source

Our software is open source and free to use for almost all use cases. A commercial license is only needed if you want to offer a paid network management service or embed it into a proprietary device or app.

Private and Secure

All traffic is automatically end-to-end encrypted using keys only you control. Access to virtual networks is controlled by certificates.

Runs On Everything

ZeroTier runs on Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, Linux, FreeBSD, many popular NAS appliances, and can even be built into applications as a library to connect apps to virtual networks and peer-to-peer.

Easy to Use

Most users will find that ZeroTier installs in minutes and “just works.” People with highly restrictive or exotic network environments may need to do a bit of configuration, but usually not much.

Advanced Features

Apply security and micro-segmentation rules to your virtual networks, transparently monitor and redirect traffic, and more!

High Performance

ZeroTier uses peer-to-peer links whenever possible to minimize latency and maximize throughput. The service usually consumes less than 64mb of RAM and overhead is comparable to IPSec or OpenVPN.

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